Loyalty to Resistance bloc warns PM resignation waste of reform time


Loyalty to the Resistance bloc on Thursday held its regular weekly meeting at its headquarters in Haret Hreik, headed by MP Mohammad Raad.

“There are legitimate questions posed by the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, especially with regard to the real reasons and justifications, the timing, as well as the goals and objectives that the resignation is expected to accomplish,” a statement issued in the wake of the meeting read.

“The country is currently witnessing the worst monetary and economic situation, and corruption files have been unfolding,” the statement added.

However, the bloc’s MPs saw that whatever had been said about the considerations on which the Prime Minister relied to justify his resignation, “this resignation will contribute to the waste of the available time to implement reforms, not to mention the time allotted to approve the 2020 state budget.”

The bloc went on to fear that the Prime Minister’s resignation would also increase the chances of nationwide complications.

“This urges all political forces to assume responsibility for remedying the consequences of post-resignation while the country is still subject to aggressive threats and conspiracy interventions on the one hand, and the absence of laws on the other,” the statement explained.

The bloc members also expressed hope that the binding parliamentary consultations to name a Prime Minister-designate takes its natural course in order to begin the formation of an honest government. It also implored the authority of the Central Bank to take all the necessary measures to ensure that the monetary situation in the country does not collapse.

Moreover, the bloc requested of Lebanon’s security and military apparatuses, especially the Lebanese army, to carry out their national responsibilities to safeguard the security of the country and citizens alike.

The bloc members then deplored US intervention in the affairs of regional countries by means of blackmailing their peoples with the unity of their countries.

“These interventions and policies are the main reason for chaos (…) and they aim to confiscate national decisions and control fates and the future of the region’s children for the sake of US and Israeli interests,” the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc’s statement concluded.

Source: National News Agency