Because the blessing of peace is what this East and its people need most, Along with the historic meeting which His Holiness Pope Francis, called the heads of Christian churches in the East on the first of next July to participate in, the Middle East Council of Churches, invites to celebrate the Mass of the “Day of Peace for the East and its consecration to the Holy family”, on Sunday, June 27, at 10:00 am. this invitation came in response to the call of the Council of Catholic Patriarchs in the East and in support of the new initiative launched by the Episcopal Committee “Justice and Peace” emanating from the Council of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon, with the blessing of His Holiness Pope Francis.

The Council also encourages every believer and peacemaker to unite in prayer,

Note that the prayer for consecrating the East to the Holy Family, which was set by His Beatitude and Eminence Cardinal Mar Louis Raphael Sako, Patriarch of Babylon for the Chaldean Catholics, and the President of the Middle East Council of Churches for the Catholic family, will be recited at the end of the session.

The council also hopes that the prayer will be raised in all the churches of the East simultaneously, to unite all the ecclesial families in prayer, wishing that the pain of this East turns into a sacrifice of redemption and the path of the cross turns into a resurrection!

With the family of Nazareth, we pray all together:

Act of Consecration of the East to the Holy Family

We resort to your protection, Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in the midst of the political and economic crises that all of us, the citizens of the Middle East are overwhelmed with.

We resort to your protection, O Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, amid the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, which has created a state of instability, fear and anxiety.

We resort to your protection, O family of Nazareth, you who lived through hardship with faith, hope and love, to dedicate our East and our countries to you completely, and entrust our lives and our homelands, our fears and hopes, our children, our youth and our families, so that every family may become a small church and a holistic place.

O Holy Family, obtain from God the blessing of getting the Middle East out of these stifling conditions and the return of peace and stability to it, so that its citizens may live equal in rights and duties, and enjoy a free and dignified life, regardless of the nature of their religious and national affiliation.

O Holy Family, may your tender eye be upon us, upon our families, and our region, so that we may see the signs of God’s presence as you did with absolute fidelity, so that our hearts open to each other and to the world and we become one family, living in peace, love and harmony.

With Saint Ephram, we implore you, O Lord: make the reconciliation between people in our time, so that they may be one true community. Gather all your children in your bosom, so that they arise gratitude for you. If all the sons of light were united, their unified ray of light would remove the darkness, by the power of their unity.

Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we confidently place this prayer and the dedication of our East in your hands.

To the Most Holy Trinity thanks and praise now and forever, Amen.—Middle East Council of Churches, Department of Communication and Public Relations

Source: National News Agency