Speaker of House of Representatives reviews conditions that have to be met for the candidate for head of government.


Tobruk, Speaker of the House of Representatives Ageela Saleh reviewed in the morning session on Tuesday the conditions that a candidate has to meet to run for the head of government.

The conditions, Saleh said included that the candidate must be a Libyan national and has full legal capacity, not to be married to a non-Libyan, have good conduct, be healthy, make a written pledge not to run in the next election, holder of the national number, be registered in the voters’ register, have completed 25 years of age on the day of registration, have a certified university qualification or equivalent, and not be sentenced to a felony or misdemeanor in breach of honour unless he or she is rehabilitated, and should not to be holder of a nationality of another foreign country unless he is authorized, and has to be approved by 100 voters from his constituency.


Source: Libyan News Agency