10 Injured, Five Lost In Gas Station Explosion In Northern Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon, A security official said, ten people were injured and five missing, after a gas station exploded in Lebanon’s northern town of Bakhoun.

The official said that, the explosion caused the collapse of the two-story building, in which the station occupies the ground floor. The fate of the station’s workers remains unknown, while some of the wounded people are in critical condition.

Witnesses said that, the explosion caused damage to buildings and shops that are close to the explosion’s location, which is highly populated.

Witnesses added that, dozens of families left their homes in a state of panic, with smoke spreading over the town.

Meanwhile, the official said, the civil defence extinguished the fire and transferred the injured to hospitals, while working on removing the rubble, to reach workers who got trapped in the collapsed building.

Civil defence used loudspeakers, calling upon citizens in the town, to donate blood to save the injured people’s lives, the official said.

Source: NAM News Network

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