1,180 medicines to be cheaper from July 1

By: Kaushalendra Singh

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Health (MoH) has decided to revise prices of a large number of medicines, which are likely to be effective from July 1 across the Sultanate. The new pricing will be applicable on a wide range of products of different manufacturers located mainly in Europe, USA, Canada and Middle Eastern countries including Oman. The new pricing will be applicable on more than 1,180 products of different manufacturers.

Prices of a many medicines are likely to come down following the revision. The Directorate-General of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Control of the Ministry of Health has already issued a circular to all private pharmacies and drug stores detailing the decision to revise the prices of 10 pharmacological groups.

The major pharmacies operating in the Sultanate have confirmed the receipt of the circular (No 11/ 2015) and working out the pricing of the products, which have already been posted on the MoH website. The drug houses have been advised to collect the new price list from the Drug Control Department or refer to website for new prices.

The circular undersigned Sawasan Ahmed Jaffar states that the prices of 10 pharmacological group medicines for diseases — respiratory system; central nervous system; infections, obstetrics, gynaecology and urinary tract disorders; malignant disease and immunosuppression; nutrition and blood; eye; ear nose and oropharynx; immunological products and vaccines and anaesthesia — have been revised.

The circular, directed to pharmacies and drug stores, states as follows: “Please note that it is the responsibility of the local agent to affix the new price sticker for all their products in all the retail pharmacies from July 1, 2015.”

The circular says: “The local agents can collect the Drug Control Department for the companies which they represent in Oman and also for any clarification regarding the implementation.” The new pricing policy comes under the MoH goal of a national drug policy that is committed to reliable supply of safe and cost effective medicines of acceptable quality, which are rationally used by prescribers, dispensers and consumers in both the government and private sectors. Medicines being imported from countries like Qatar, USA, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India, Cyprus, France, Jordan, Spain, UK, Italy, Australia, UAE, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Egypt and those produced in Oman are to come under the revision.

Commenting on the price revision of the medicines, a doctor said, “This is a very positive decision of the government, as there is a possibility that prices of about 90 per cent of antibiotics are likely to be come down by 40 to 50 per cent.”“It will not only reduce medical treatment of an individual, it will give the hospitals an opportunity to offer medical care at reduced prices. We are at ease because it gives us freedom to recommend good quality medicines to all segment of patients,” he said.


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