57 per cent rise in Omanis visiting India for medicare

By: Vinod Nair

MUSCAT: Indian hospitals should explore the possibility of setting up joint ventures with their counterparts in Oman, said Redha bin Juma al Saleh, Vice Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Administration and Finance Affairs. He was speaking to the Observer on the issue of whether having more specialised hospitals here will help Omanis to have treatment in the country rather than going abroad, except for specialised needs.

J S Mukul, Ambassador of India to the Sultanate, said that India’s specialty hospitals should use the platform provided by the Indian Medical Tourism Destination (IMTD) Exhibition to explore setting up healthcare centres in Oman, especially in the Medical City project planned by the Ministry of Health in Muscat. Mukul said the year 2015 marks the diamond jubilee of Indo-Oman relations as the first consulate was opened in Muscat in 1955.

He said the number of visas issued by the Indian Embassy in Muscat has gone up by 38.6 per cent from 59,000 in 2013 to 81,822 in 2014. The number of visas issued under the medical tourism has also gone up by 57 per cent in 2013, in comparison with the previous year.

Meanwhile, an exhibition and Continued Medical Education program (CME) titled ‘India — A destination for Medical Tourism’ will be held at Crown Plaza Muscat from April 12-13. The concept behind this programme is to develop strategic partnership in medical and holistic healthcare sector between India, Oman and some other countries of the region, as well as to promote the quality of healthcare services available at affordable prices in India. The event also aims to improve the efficacy of healthcare delivery and to build its capacities to deal with healthcare problems and provide treatment solutions in the Gulf countries.

The forum will serve as a platform for exchanging ideas and services, and coming up with a new vision for the future of the burgeoning medical industry between India and the Middle East.

This conference is expected to be a value addition to the expanding business and trade ties between India and the Middle East as there are tremendous opportunities for educational institutions, medical practitioners, business enterprises, healthcare professional and providers in the region.


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