A Donation from “Lana” (Calgary – Canada) and “Loubnan Hawiyati”

The president of the Lebanese Society in North America “Lana” Dr. Ziad Akel, Mr. Ralph Germani, and Mr. Lahoud Lahoud from “Loubnan Hawiyati”, visited the Lebanese Red Cross headquarters where they were received by the SG Mr. Georges Kettani. The delegation presented a donation of $ 6,500 from “Loubnan Hawiyati” and “Lana” Calgary Branch, Alberta – Canada to support the EMS. The delegation expressed their great appreciation for the tremendous and continuous effort done by the Lebanese Red Cross to meet the humanitarian needs in general and emergency services in specific, especially in these difficult circumstances in which Lebanon is living, and this appreciation is shared by the Lebanese in Lebanon and abroad.

Source: Lebanese Red Cross

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