Abdel Samad Broaches Information Ministry Strategic Plan With Moukhaiber

Minister of Information, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad Najd, on Wednesday welcomed in her office at the Ministry former MP Ghassan Mukhaiber, with whom she discussed the Ministry’s strategic plan.

On emerging, Moukhaiber said: “We discussed the issue of the strategic plan of the Ministry of Information and the restructuring of the media in Lebanon that is closely linked to the law proposal which I had participated in preparing and presenting to the Parliament, to redraft a new media law.”

He added: “I realized that the opinions and ideas in the strategy are fully consistent with the directions we were working on.”

The former Lawmaker also indicated that it was agreed that Minister Abdel Samad pursues dialogue meetings to encompass not only media institutions, but also associations specializing in press freedoms.

Minister Abdel Samad also met with a delegation of the West Bekaa and Rashayya Youth Association, headed by Khaled Mohammed Ahmed.

The delegation briefed the Minister on the League’s activities as well as most recent developments on the local arena.

The delegation wished the Minister success in her mission.


Source: Ministry of Information, Lebanon

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