Prime Minister Hassan Diab highlighted that the recent coronavirus development tops our priorities, adding that the Government is carrying out its duties to protect the Lebanese without negligence, and working to limit the spread of this virus; and the results are so far positive.

He then mentioned that the feedback has also been positive towards the general mobilization decision made on Sunday, and stressed on the importance of following-up around the clock any development in this framework.

Talks also touched on the Corona Committee’s work, its means to link it to the National Operation Room for Disaster Management at the Grand Serail, and the need to monitor the affairs of all Lebanese abroad and communicate with their respective families.

A special fund for donations from Lebanese and non-Lebanese has been created in order to face the coronavirus, and the Government calls every person, whether in Lebanon or abroad, to contribute to this fund during these difficult times.

The Minister of Public Health will also submit on Thursday a list of all public and private hospitals that are equipped to receive the diagnosed cases, as well as quarantine places, and the State will take in charge the patients who are not covered, and reiterates the importance that insurance companies bear their responsibilities in covering their clients.

The Ministry of Health will equally establish a 24-hour shift schedule for doctors, dentists and pharmacies in each region.

It has also been agreed upon to create crisis cells in all municipalities and municipal unions to secure the priorities in people’s needs.

In order to prevent some traders from taking advantage of this crisis, the Ministry of Economy will monitor price increases, take strict measures in this framework, and work on reducing the prices of sterilizers and disinfectants.

The Cabinet reminded that Lebanese will be affected by the current situation, especially the poor families, who work on a daily basis to secure their livelihood, as the country is going through an exceptional situation. Means to help those people have been examined.

An urgent draft law to exempt prisoners who have served their sentences in terms of the fine imposed on them has been agreed, as well as a draft law to postpone the legal, contractual, and judicial deadlines, from October 18 2019 until June 30 2020.

In education, the Cabinet discussed distance learning, with the cooperation of the Ministries of Education, Telecommunications, and Information, through national TV (Tele Liban) and private television stations, in addition to adding Lebanese educational institutions websites on the white list for users of both mobile network companies and the Ministry of Telecommunications network.

Finally, the Cabinet discussed the financial situation and the urgent draft law to organize and set exceptional and temporary controls on bank operations and services. — Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Source: National News Agency

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