Abi Nasr: We might accept the mixed law to ward off 60s law

“We might accept the mixed law in a bid to ward off the 60’s law which has marginalized Christians for so long; however it is time to hold parliamentary elections as soon as possible,” Change and Reform bloc Deputy Naamtallah Abi Nasr said on Saturday during an interview on Free Lebanon radio station.

Deputy Abi Nasr highlighted the importance of Meerab-FPM agreement despite the difficulties that it has faced on different levels; this understanding should be developed into a comprehensive and national understanding according to the MP.

The Deputy praised Deputy Robert Fadel’s resignation considering that Christians were paying the price for their openness and expansion in all regions, unlike the Sunnis, Shiites and Druze.

Corruption dominates in all State Institutions, except relatively in Security Apparatuses, he went on.

“The entry of a million and a half Syrian refugees into the Lebanese society aims at manipulating the demographic composition of the country under the slogan of humanity,” Deputy Abi Nasr added.

He noted that the Lebanese state should put a plan to repatriate Syrian refugees to safe zones in Syria with the agreement of the Syrian government.

Commenting on Janneh Dam, Abi Nasr concluded that the dam was an essential developmental need and should be implemented for everyone’s interest.



Source: National News Agency

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