Head of the Lebanese-French Parliamentary Friendship Committee, MP Simon Abi Ramia, held a luncheon banquet on Sunday, in honor of French Ambassador Bruno Foucher marking the end of his term of office in Lebanon, in the presence of MPs Yassin Jaber, Kassem Hashem, Hagop Pakradounian, Inaya Ezzedine, Alain Aoun, Salim Aoun and Rola al-Tabash, and other dignitaries.


In a word of appreciation for the French Ambassador’s contributions, Abi Ramia thanked him for “the great efforts exerted for the sake of preserving the relationship between Lebanon and France.”


“The diplomatic circumstances have entailed that you leave this post at this important time, while you are appreciated by all the Lebanese parties, because you have dealt objectively, realistically and genuinely with everyone,” Abi Ramia told Foucher.


“France today, through you, has given Lebanon a third option, different from the two axes, and this creates hopes for the Lebanese at this delicate stage. The Lebanese saw that the only president who has visited Lebanon twice to-date within one month is French President Emmanuel Macron, and he is striving to find solutions for the Lebanese, including an international conference to aid Lebanon, which is expected to be held next month,” Abi Ramia added.


“We thank you for all the positive things that we have seen from you as Lebanese, and we count on you to continue playing your constructive role in the future,” he concluded.


For his part, Ambassador Foucher thanked Abi Ramia for the hosted gathering, and said: “Lebanon is going through a delicate stage in its history, and we hope that it will benefit from the political initiative that President Macron is taking to help it rise. This requires the Lebanese political parties to work seriously to carry out the required reforms.”


“Despite the region’s complexities, there are basic daily life dossiers that are only related to the will and the good management of the Lebanese. Fundamental reforms that make a difference to the Lebanese and are well-received by the international community are required,” Foucher emphasized.


“The most beautiful thing that I will carry with me from Lebanon is the cultural and political diversity and differences that characterize the Lebanese, despite all the complications I have seen,” he corroborated.


Abi Ramia then presented a memorial shield to Foucher as a token of appreciation, after which everyone headed to the forest of President Michel Aoun in Ehmej, where the “Cedar of Lebanese-French Friendship” was planted.


Source: National News Agency

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