Abi Ramia: Proportionality provides fair representation

Change and Reform bloc member, MP Simon Abi Ramia, said in an interview with Al-Jadeed TV that the elections law based on proportionality provides true and fair representation of the components of the Lebanese society, adding that “the FPM is waging an election law battle (…) to maintain the Lebanese entity and respect the national pact.”

Stressing the need to solve the citizens’ livelihood issues, Abi Ramia assured that the FPM is deal with pending files on the basis of political realism.

He tackled in this regard the dossier of oil and gas, assuring that the latter would provide security and political stability in Lebanon.

“The FPM rejects and denies all rumors about quotas and secret agreements with Speaker Berri in the oil dossier,” the MP assured.

Finally, Abi Ramia denounced terrorism all over the world, stressing the need to “change the policies adopted by Europe and the United States and work on eradicating this scourge.”

Source: National News Agency

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