Democratic Gathering Secretary, MP Hadi Abou Al-Hassan, affirmed Saturday that giving the government a chance does not necessarily entail giving it confidence.

We will meet on Tuesday to discuss and decide whether the Democratic Gathering will give confidence or not, based on the government’s seriousness in its approach to the required reform, but we tend towards not giving it confidence, he said in an interview with MTV Station this afternoon.

The government has to distance itself from regional conflicts, except for the Palestinian issue. As for what is happening between the United States and Iran, it does not concern us, because Lebanon, in its constitution, is an Arab country, Abou Al-Hassan underlined.

He stressed that Lebanon’s national interests ought to be prioritized, adding that the lesson from the government’s ministerial statement remains in its implementation.

Touching on the Arab Foreign Ministers’ emergency meeting in Cairo, Abou Al-Hassan said: The position of the Lebanese Foreign Minister today was important and reflects the position of the Lebanese people by returning to the Arab initiative and to international resolutions.

Referring to the Deal of the Century, he stressed that there must be a one united Palestinian stance, calling for fortifying the internal situation and having not fear of demographic change, while emphasizing the rejection of resettlement.

The solution to everything that is happening in Lebanon lies in resorting to a civil state, passing a non-sectarian election law and forming a national body to abolish political sectarianism, Abou Al-Hassan corroborated.

Source: National News Agency

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