Abu Faour launching mobile clinic in west Beqa and Rashaya: Lebanon bears burden of Syrian exodus beyond its capacity

Public Health Minister, Wael Abu Faour, pointed out that Lebanon bears the burden of Syrian exodus more than all the countries of the world combined, compared to the number of its inhabitants.

Minister Abu Faour’s words came on Monday during the inauguration of the mobile medical clinic in the districts of West Bekaa and Rashaya, at the behest of the Ministry of Public Health, in cooperation with the Sovereign Knights of Malta Organization and the Union of Sahel and Bohaira Municipalities.

The launching ceremony took place at the courtyard of gov-run Khirbet Kanfar Hospital, in the presence of local and municipal dignitaries.

“The subject of the Syrian exodus poses a significant burden on Lebanon which is bearing more than its capacity in this matter,” Abu Faour said, stressing that the Syrian displaced dossier cannot be addressed through counter reactions or factional attitude, but rather through logical, wise and united patriotic approach.

The Minister called on the Lebanese state to endorse a united national policy in this regard, instead of awaiting local initiatives.

Abu Faour lauded the humanitarian project as serving the displaced Syrians and the Lebanese alike, indicating that there is no difference between one patient or another whether he was a Lebanese, Syrian or Palestinian.

Source: National News Agency

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