Acwa Barka marks Safety Day with the community

MUSCAT: Acwa Power, Barka marked Occupational Safety Day along with International Labour Union (ILO) with excitement as it was a celebration of 13 years of no loss time injury, stressing that safety training should start at a young age. Acwa Power and Desalination Plant are complex and that is why safety is of utmost importance said the chief executive officer. “We are working in a highly hazardous environment that is why we think it is an achievement to maintain the record. We make sure we are all safety oriented in the team and the whole organization. We have been training and have been reviewing the training as well as our policies to make sure nobody gets hurt. We have a mission, whether it is Barka or other regions of the country to spread the awareness on safety,” said Ahmed al Subhi, CEO of Acwar Power.

There are hazards and risks associated with the business. “Safety should be our day-to-day culture. Once they make it their culture they will have a safe life. The message we want to convey to our team and our business partners is that we have to work in a safe manner so that we can go back to our families safely. Our motto is ‘Safety is our priority.’ This is part of our life cycle because this also means being safe on the roads. Safety should be in our DNA,” stressed Al Subhi.

Accordingly this year too Acwa Power and Desalination Plant chose once again to observe it with the community. At the Gardenia Hall in Barka school teachers and students were invited to attend a training session on first aid in accidents that can happen at home. The sessions with interaction between the attendees and trainer was well attended. Some of the teachers from the local schools who were attending the session were keen on applying the knowledge in educational institutions as well. “We would like to especially highlight on fire safety measures. There are fire detectors but each detector is specialised for gas, smoke or fire. Why cannot we have a fire detector with all the detection facilities in one?” questioned a concerned teacher who was eager to learn more about first aid tips from the experts.

According to the experts homes and even schools can be some of the most hazardous environment. “We have seen an extremely health participation. Teachers and students had lots of questions. Safety as a matter of fact should be taught in the primary school. With that objective we can have safety on roads and at working environment. People would naturally be cautious in whatever they do.”

According to ILO statistics, 90 per cent of accidents happen because of unsafe acts. “There is unsafe action and unsafe conditions but 90pc of accidents happen because of the former specifically because of human negligence due to bypassing procedures or taking shortcuts,” said Al Subhi.

Occupational Safety Environment officer at Acwar said together Barka 1 and Nomac have 70 employees, “We are certified by ISO at the same time we follow the regulations of Ministry of Manpower. There are frequent trainings, seminars and participation with events and in the past Barka 1 won Oman Green Award and that is one of the highest when it comes to the environment. The safety emphasis is also with subcontractors.”

“Safety is not just a statement but we should believe in it and work toward it. Each individual is a safety leader,” said the OSE officer.


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