Afiouni calls for an economic rescue plan, says cabinet cannot go on without convening

State Minister for Investment and Technology, Adel Afiouni, highlighted Sunday the need for an economic rescue plan, while stressing the need for the Council of Ministers to convene the soonest in wake of the difficult economic situation in the country.

“The citizen requires us to address his living and economic concerns, and therefore we must keep the economy away from politics and work day and night on an economic rescue plan,” he emphasized, speaking in an interview to “Future TV” this morning.

On the budget issue, Afiouni considered that “the importance of approving the state budget lies in the commitment to reduce the deficit figures because that would give a clear signal to international financial markets, investors, depositors and all the Lebanese that the government is serious about reducing the deficit, which is a burden suffered by all citizens.”

“The budget is a first step and it is essential to follow the course of reform, and to give signals on this pursuit,” he asserted.

“We are at a critical economic stage, and the 2019 budget is a necessary step which yielded the best possible in this time interval,” Afiouni went on. “This step should be completed in the 2020 state budget and we should see further improvement in figures,” he added.

Referring to his Ministry, Afiouni said that “it has a vital role, and the knowledge economy and technology sector plays a key role in building a modern and sustainable economy through a series of reforms and incentives to attract investments and create job opportunities in this sector.”

“Lebanon has the potential to be a leading country in this field,” the Minister underscored.

Source: National News Agency

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