Ahmed Mudher Al-Jubouri: The borrowing law will pass, but not with the declared amount

Baghdad  Member of Parliament from Diyala Governorate, Ahmad Mudher Al-Jubouri, stressed the importance of the government seeking to find quick alternatives to provide salaries for employees and retirees and social care.

He said in a press statement that there are a lot of revenues entering the state budget from many Ministries and departments, and they have to classify them and work on distributing salaries to Ministries and agencies, respectively.”

Al-Jubouri added: “the government’s reliance on the borrowing law without moving in other ways to provide salaries is surprising and raises many question marks, especially since Iraq has gone through the past years in more difficult and harsh conditions and with a sharp decline in oil prices without affecting the distribution of salaries on time.”

He explained that the “Parliament has completed the first reading of the new borrowing law and will proceed with its second reading, and will not pass it by the required amount of 41 trillion dinars, but will reduce the amount to a certain percentage.”

The House of Representatives had formally received, in the middle of last week, a law on financing the fiscal deficit (borrowing) for the remaining months of the current year 2020, and in its session held yesterday, it ended the first reading of the bill.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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