AI Powered Paragon of Brilliance – Toshiba TV OLED Flagship X8900

HONG KONG, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reshaping engineering as artwork, hardware into companion, emerging from the strictest laboratory measurements and tests is Toshiba TV’s X8900 OLED television – a testament to both its hardcore craftsmanship and aesthetic design.

Upon turning on, the X8900’s 8 million+ self-luminescent pixels relocate you right into the epicenter of authentic universes that, composing of over all a billion nuanced shades as close to their natural states as achievable, rival your wildest imaginations.

Beneath the slender panel, the secret weapon that underpins the X8900’s breathless excellence is wrapped in one of Toshiba TV’s proudest creations – its REGZA Engine. Powering real-time AI analysis and adjustment, the REGZA Engine is tasked to fine-tune every single pixel down to the minutest detail, keep out flaws, and display images with the highest quality regardless of scenes.

Powered by the REGZA Engine, the X8900’s OLED screen also sports perfect contrast by incorporating Dolby Vision, recreating from every gradient of darkness shade and brightness with the full spectrum of natural colors – all with a seamlessness that demonstrates the marks of a true world-class TV craftsman.

On top of hardware features that would ace the strictest performance assessment, the X8900 comes with ergonomic designs that makes the television more user friendly. The TV’s low-reflection panel enables its Wide Viewing Angle, which releases your viewing experience from being confined to sitting upright directly in front of the screen and to anywhere/anyhow you want to enjoy it.

With Toshiba TV’s state-of-the-art REGZA Engine enlisted alongside Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, the X8900 delivers a smooth window to frame after frame of immaculate images under topnotch contrast that is nothing short of sheer perfection in terms of overall performance; while its Ultimate Motion makes even the most demanding motion scenes look impeccably smooth. Having this first-class setup, your home viewing experience – be it a TV series to newly binge on or a magnum opus from a world renowned director, is going to get a lot more brilliant.

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(Note: REGZA is not available in Brazil)

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