Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in the caretaker government, Zeina Akar, congratulated the army on its day.


“For the second year in a row, the Army Day celebrations are absent on August 1, and the annual tradition of graduating a batch of young officers to renew the oath to defend Lebanon and its flag is absent,” Akar said.


“On the seventy-sixth anniversary of the army, we must salute these officers and tell them, even if you did not wear your swords this year in a celebration worthy of you, you will be the sword that achieves security and preserves Lebanon from the dangers that beset it, and you will be the protector of its borders and resources,” Akar added.


“Despite the repercussions of the Corona epidemic and the economic crisis that affects the army at its core, we see that it bears hardships and performs its tasks to the fullest with pride and determination, because the national duty demands it to defend Lebanon, its land and its people,” the minister stressed.


“This crisis will not affect the morale of the army, which is still high, and it will remain the guarantee and the one to rely on in any confrontation of any kind. Our country needs you in order to preserve sovereignty and internal stability and to stop any aggression that might affect it,” she went on.


“Our army will remain united with its people and land in the north and south, east and west, plains and mountains…united and disobedient in the face of storms,” Akar reassured the soldiers on their Day, stressing that the Military Institution will spare no effort in order to secure all the necessary life needs and steadfastness that befit the soldiers’ sacrifices and solid will.


Finally, she paid tribute to the fallen martys of the Lebanese Army, saying that its motto remains: honor – sacrifice – loyalty.


Source: National News Agency

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