Akkar Municipal, Mukhtar elections kick off

The lengthily awaited municipal and mukhtar elections have kicked off at 7 a.m. on Sunday in Akkar governorate of North Lebanon amid stringent security measures and deployment inside and outside polling centers and stations.

Balloting boxes have opened before an anticipated 269910 electors, who will be casting their votes in 156 polling stations to elect 128 municipal councils after the uncontested victory of 17 municipalities.

203 mukhtars will be elected after the victory of 72 mukhtars by acclamation. Votes for mukhtars will be casted in 510 polling stations.

1882 candidates, 1829 males and 53 females, will be running for municipal seats in Akkar governorate. As for mukhtar candidates, they have reached 603, 597 males and 6 females.

Source: National News Agency

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