Al-Dahlaki: Most Of The MPs Reject The Cybercrime Law In Its Current Form

Baghdad  Diyala Governorate MP Raad Al-Dahlaki stressed the importance of not passing a law that muzzles mouths and freedoms.

In a televised statement, he said: The cybercrimes Law should not prevent freedoms or lead to a new dictatorship.

Al-Dahlaki added: We are working on consolidating this law, indicating that most of the MPs reject this law in its current form, and Parliament is very keen to give the necessary time to pass it to take the opinions of specialists in order to reach a formula that satisfies everyone.

He explained that: The Iraqi Forces Alliance is supportive of not silencing and we want it to legally serve the country and society, indicating that we are working as parliamentarians not to legislate it in its current form.

Al-Dahlaki indicated that: The law does not legislate with political moods, but rather according to the need for the free word, stressing the refusal to imprison the word.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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