Al-Darraji: Attempting To Circumvent The Election Date Gives “Authoritarians And Corrupt An Opportunity To Increase Their Gains”

Baghdad  Member of Parliament Muhammad Sahib Al-Darraji expressed his rejection of the demands to postpone the early elections, considering these demands are “an attempt to circumvent the election date, and give the rulers an opportunity to increase their gains.”

Al-Darraji said in a tweet on Twitter today, Friday, that “the demands of the people and the religious authority were clear, a new election law, a new commission and early elections.”

“The attempt to circumvent the early elections is against the will of the people, and it will give the authoritarians and the corrupt an opportunity to increase their gains,” he said.

He added, “Parliament must support early elections so that the people can say their word, with a high turnout, otherwise nothing will change. ”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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