Al-Kadhimi: Building A State Of Justice And Equality Is Only Upright With The Values Of Al-Hussein / PBUH/

Baghdad / NINA / – Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi affirmed that: Building a state of justice and equality is only upright with the values of Al-Hussein (peace be upon him)

He said in a tweet commemorating Ashura: Peace be upon Hussein in thought, stance, humanity and testimony that embroidered the beginning of time and inspired generations with the meanings of confrontation against injustice, tyranny, corruption and spoilers.

Al-Kadhimi added: On the path of Al-Hussein, his children and his companions, lofty values are established.. the values of tolerance, femininity, sacrifice, fairness, and building a state of justice and equality can only be established by the values of Al-Hussein (peace be upon him)./ End


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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