Al-Khalisi: Ignoring people’s demands inevitably leads to explosions

Najaf The Religious Authority, Jawad Al-Khalisi, affirmed: “Condoning the demands of the people in Iraq has no horizon, whether it is in the center and south of Iraq or in the north, as is happening today there, and it is a continuation of what happened in our areas previously.”

He said in the political Friday sermon in Al-Kadhimiya: “When the people succumb to the ruling authority, it is because it is a corrupt authority, and when there is a small group of beneficiaries that take over positions, money and capabilities, spread corruption and cut salaries, and the people groan even from hunger, all of this will inevitably lead to the explosion of people and lack of tolerate this situation continuing.”

He added: “The continuation of the situation is impossible, and the people cannot remain silent indefinitely, and they cannot bear injustice, oppression, deprivation, corruption, employment and dependence to the end of the world, either they change in a healthy and peaceful way, or things explode.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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