Al-Lafi: The Presidential Council is sticking to its pledges it made to the Libyans to lead the country to the most important right, which is the elections.

Tripoli, The representative of the Presidential Council, “Abdullah Al-Lafi” affirmed that the Presidential Council is going ahead with its pledges it made to the Libyans, represented in leading the country to the most important and long-awaited entitlement, which is the elections.

During his speech, Friday evening, at the opening of the Marcos Arch Equestrian Festival, in Tripoli, Al-Lafi called on all parties to give priority to the public interest, pointing out that the Libyans do not want more improvisation and political chaos, and that any other transitional stages will not serve interest of the country.

Al-Lafi reiterated that the safety of the political process, in accordance with the road map adopted by the Political Dialogue Forum, is one of the priorities of the Presidential Council, and the legislative authority must assume its national and legal responsibilities in completing the legislation required to complete the electoral process.


Source: Libyan News Agency

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