Al-Lami: We Do Not Have A Real System Of Professional Relations And All Iraqi Governments Bear That Responsibility

Baghdad  The President of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, head of the Federation of Arab Journalists, Muayyad Al-Lami, confirmed that there is no real professional relations system, noting: “Every Iraqi Prime Minister bears that responsibility, including the current Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, who has to correct this path because we are going to fail.

Lami said in televised statements followed by NINA “The system of official media relations with Iraqi and non-Iraqi institutions is a failure, bad and incorrect and was built on a mistake, so the results were that a channel presents a bad program towards Iraq or a media institution that provides a program that offends important personalities and also the demonstrations and their aftermath,”. He pointed out that “the demonstrations are a legitimate peaceful right for all people, but entering the headquarters of the channel, tampering with its furniture, and hitting its employees are incorrect.”

He added: “The state did not move in the incident of storming the MBC channel’s office in Iraq, and this issue has an external diplomatic aspect,” noting that “the workers in the channel’s office are not concerned with the incident.”

Al-Lami explained that “this system of relations came with the presence of false personalities and cadres that the state put them in these institutions and all Iraqi governments bear the responsibility for that.”

He continued, “We talked with Parliament about the existence of these false capabilities in important institutions, which can protect the reputation of Iraq or promote against it, as we spoke with the Reporters Without Borders organization at the end of 2019 about the area of press freedoms in Iraq during the beginning of the demonstrations in October and after a deep discussion with them, we reached that Iraq is ranked 110th, then we are surprised that Iraq is ranked 162nd, and we contacted them by phone and also through messages, Iraq was supposed to be after Tunisia, Kuwait, and Lebanon ranked 4 or 5 in Arab world, so they said you have satellite channels that were stormed by gunmen amid silence of the state, as well as closing the headquarters of Reuters. ”

He explained that “there are mistakes that could have been dealt with by issuing a punishment or decision against the channel and then pursued the matter diplomatically, rather than storming the channel, which will take its cadres and broadcast from another location in the city of Erbil, for example, and cannot be dealt with so it will continue to broadcast many toxins.”

Al-Lami pointed out: “The channel’s cadres and its office in Baghdad take into account the Iraqi situation in the capital, but in another area you will find them talk outside rationality. Even in closing Al-Jazeera office at the time, I was completely opposed, then negotiations took place to return relations later, and I told them, at that time, instead of Al-Jazeera channel broadcasts from Erbil and the representatives of the south and the middle Euphrates cannot appear in it on the level of Arab, local and international, let it work here and you express your view easily and freely, but they opposed that. ”

The President of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate stressed that “it is impossible now to cancel or stop a channel and its speech turns into a hostility against us, but we must alert and warn and follow every small and large of the work of satellite channels and media institutions inside Iraq, both Arab and foreign”, indicating that “most Iraqi channels broadcast from outside Iraq, due to the huge sums required by the Communications Authority about the frequency spectrum, and other channels are also suffering a difficult situation. ”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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