Al-Mahlawi: The operations to clear the island of Kanaous will cut off roads carrying ISIS remnants

Baghdad  The Nineveh Operations Command confirmed today, Tuesday, that the security forces began implementing a specific operation to cross by boats to the inner bank of the island of Kanaous in order to clear it from terrorists.

The Commander of Operations, Major General Ismail Al-Mahallawi, said in a press statement: “This operation is being carried out by a special forces brigade in the army in preparation for the work of military engineering,” indicating that “the special forces managed to cross and establish a foothold on the island, while the bridging brigade began The general classified military engineering by erecting a floating bridge for the purpose of crossing.

“After completing the bridge in record time, the forces managed to cross with heavy vehicles and proceeded to advance towards the center of the island, removing trees and forests on their way and opening the roads for the military forces to advance inside the island,” Al-Mahlawi stressed.

He added, “the security operation is still going on to clear the island of the remnants of the terrorist ISIS gangs and strip all the trees that represent safe areas that enable terrorist gangs to hide,” noting that “Kanaous Island was considered a passage for terrorists between the two sides of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and that the ongoing security operation is such that eliminate any presence of ISIS gangs on this island./

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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