Al Rustaq Souq exudes old charm

AL RUSTAQ: Al Rustaq Souq (market) is one of the oldest and most notable markets in the Sultanate. It was the central market of the governorate and the neighbouring wilayats. It is an important milestone visited by the citizens from all over the place and was a destination for buyers and sellers. The market is rich with abundance of goods needed by the Omani citizen for daily life. At the present time, in addition to the trade and economic importance, the market is a tourist destination in the wilayat, in addition to the historic Castle of Al Rustaq.

Al Rustaq Souq, which is called Abu Thamaniya locally because it has eight gates with a name for each, was an important outlet for goods received from the coastal wilayats of Al Batinah, which are rich in marine products such as fresh and dried fish. Seasonal fruits and products came from Al Jabal Al Akhdar, which is famous for various products, such as pomegranates, walnuts, almonds, plums and apricots.

240656Buyers and sellers from the coast and mountain met and exchanged products at Al Rustaq Souq. The mountaineers used to buy dates, and dried fish that are not available in Al Jabal Al Akhdar, whereas people from the coastal areas used to buy the mountain products.

Grains, such as maize, wheat, chickpeas, beans, garlic, onions and other products are also grown in Al Rustaq. The buyer and trader could find what they need in this market.

People used to go to the market not only for shopping, but also for taking a walk and to hear new news. In modern times the souq has been rebuilt taking into account the old Omani architecture.


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