Al-Tamimi: Imposing Parliamentary System Is Intended In A Country That Economically Confused

Baghdad  Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi stressed that: the imposing the parliamentary system is intended in a country that is economically confused, degraded, and socially poor.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that: The parliamentary system needs economic pivots, capital funds supporting it, and homogeneous social fabric, and this was its first appearance in Britain (the mother of capitalism) and this parliamentary system they call it the son of capitalism.

Al-Tamimi added: There are 24% of the countries in the world taking this system, which is called the master of political systems. It suffices to mention the wonderful country of South Africa with everything and the highly developed Emirates in which the parliamentary system succeeded because it is economically and institutionally developed.

He added that: The presence of the parliamentary system in countries that are economically confused, societal and socially deteriorating poverty leads to its failure and the dominance of the executive authority over Parliament and leads to rupture, fragmentation and civil war in the end because the principle was a mistake. The pressure by the United States to find this parliamentary system was intended for targets that we see later on, as in Lebanon.

Al-Tamimi said: Agreement with the calls for a return to the presidential system, as in Egypt and many Arab countries, and that needs to amend the (rigid) constitution and its difficult amendment, and this was also intended and a knot in the saw.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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