Alain Aoun says electoral law problem won’t be solved away from presidential crisis

“Change and Reform” parliamentary bloc member MP Alain Aoun confirmed on Tuesday that he doesn’t expect the electoral law problem to be solved away from that of the presidential crisis, saying the “electoral law will be a part of the political breakthrough in the presidential vacuum file.”

The MP told the “Voice of Lebanon” radio that some steps have been made over the presidential file “but there is nothing final so far”, adding “there are some Lebanese parties who have foreign commitments which make all the files intervene.”

Aoun pointed out that the French Foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault stressed at the Pine Palace that the solution for the presidential crisis must stem out from the Lebanese interior and if such Lebanese political agreement has been achieved, it would be greatly supported by foreign countries.

Aoun underscored that his bloc always welcomed any dialogue or meeting with any political side.

The lawmaker pointed out to communication with the Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, noting that MP Michel Aoun might pay a visit to the Saudi leadership at any time, saying, “everything is possible”.

Source: National News Agency

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