Algeria, Iran for Stepping Up Bilateral Strategic Cooperation (

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Jawad Zarif said Wednesday in Algiers that Algeria and Iran had agreed to boost bilateral strategic cooperation and to meet for preparation of the Algerian-Iranian high joint committee meeting.

In a statement following the audience granted to him by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Zarif said the discussions mainly focused on bilateral cooperation.

“We agreed on the holding of meetings preparing the Algerian-Iranian high joint committee meeting.”

He added that discussions with the head of State allowed him to “get acquainted with President Bouteflika’s views about various issues, including the negotiations on the (Iranian) nuclear issue.”

“There was a convergence of views and positions about developing countries’ right of to get nuclear energy for peaceful use,” the Iranian Foreign Minister said, praising “the support of the Algerian government and people in this respect.”

The two sides stressed the efforts made to restore stability in Arab countries, including Syria and Yemen.

Zarif underlined the “convergence of positions” between the two countries which believe, he said, “that it is necessary to favour a political solution and reject bloodshed and foreign interference, taking into consideration the will of both peoples to self-determination.”

He stressed, in this respect, that President Bouteflika “insisted on the need for adopting practical steps,” adding that “Iran fully approves of this enlightened approach;”

Iran’s Foreign Minister arrived in Algiers on Tuesday for a two-day visit, leading a large delegation.

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