Ali Khalil: Amal, Hezbollah electoral coalition precludes no one

“Amal- Hezbollah municipal electoral coalition precludes no one,” minister of Budget and Finance Ali Hassan Khalil has stated on Sunday during a ceremony at the southern Lebanese locality of Hezkiel today.

“Municipal elections are deemed essential for public empowerment and need to be addressed at the highest level of democracy,” he added.

Minister Khalil recalled Lebanon as being in the thick of a 2 – pronged open battle against Zionism and terrorism posing a serious threat to the security and stability of our country.

“The most prominent obstacle holding back the development of our political system is the failure to approve a new parliamentarian electoral law,” he stressed.

“Unprecedented escalation of violence inside Syria entails the highest level of alertness and national unity between all intra- Muslim -Christian protagonist actors,” Khalil concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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