Alia Nassif: We will open a series of investigations into complaints about the practices of the two Iraqi consulates in Turkey

Baghdad  The Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced a series of investigations that the House of Representatives intends to pursue regarding complaints submitted by Iraqis residing in Turkey regarding the practices of the Iraqi consulates in Istanbul and Gaziantep, noting that if these complaints are verified, the negligent will be brought to Baghdad and referred to Integrity Commission .

Committee member MP Alia Nassif explained that the most prominent complaints are related to the Iraqi consulate in Istanbul refusing to renew passports of asylum seekers who have residency (un) and deliberately ignoring their transactions and neglecting their requests, and the consulate laughs at the community by allocating a phone number to book dates for renewing passports, but no one answers this phone, expressing her hope that the Foreign Minister will kindly answer the following question: “How many days a week do Istanbul consulate employees work? And with what party do the corrupt become so hard that they deliberately insult people?”

She added, in a press release, that “some of the employees of the Gaziantep consulate deal in a humane manner with the auditors and fulfill their requests, but the few of its employees deal arrogantly with the auditors, and on the other hand we have complaints about the office of tracking transactions near the Gaziantep consulate which practices fraud against people, “wondering,” Is it not better for the consulate to initiate the assignment of an employee who provides citizens with formations and elephants, fills out forms, takes pictures for them, guides them, and facilitates their affairs, as is the case in the rest of the world, instead of this act that plunder their pockets ?

Nassif said, “the abuses that Iraqis in Turkey are subjected to cannot be tolerated, and we have opened the door for complaints to citizens and we will deal with them seriously, indicating that the Minister also bears responsibility if it is silent on these practices.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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