All the World’s a Stage: Galanz Participates in the Canton Fair to Gain Exposure and Global Recognition

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 6, 2015 / PRNewswire — China is home to a growing number of brands rapidly becoming household names across the globe, and the Canton Fair (the country’s biggest exhibition) is an ideal platform to showcase them to the world. Galanz, the world’s number one producer of microwave ovens for nearly 20 years, is one such brand availing the Canton Fair’s service.

A long-term attendee of the Canton Fair, Galanz boasts annual revenues of US$8 billion, 40,000 employees and distributors in 200 countries. For the Guangdong-headquartered company, regular participation in the Canton Fair has been instrumental to building worldwide brand recognition.

“The function of the Canton Fair seems to have evolved in recent years,” Wang Changyin, general manager of Galanz Group, told the Global Times recently. “It has become a platform for displaying new products and enhancing overseas brand recognition.”

To attract more buyers to their showroom, Galanz is an active participatant of the Fair’s “i-Share” buyer invitation theme. For Canton Fair exhibitors or regular buyers who join “i-Share” activity, by sending out invitation to friends via the Canton Fair BEST (Buyer E-Service Tool) platform on the fair’s official website, they will receive souvenirs in “i-Share” Club and enjoy exclusive services against the quantity of the sent emails.

New invited buyers enjoy a special green channel when having their first entry badges processed free of charge, with added benefits like free coffee or lunch coupons from the Canton Fair.

By participating in the “i-Share” initiative, together with its preferential booth location in the Canton Fair “Brand Zone”, Galanz maximized exposure to foreign buyers, with thousands of visitors streaming through its showroom, which not only included microwaves, but also air conditioners, refrigerators and kitchen appliances.

The Canton Fair exposure usually transforms into sales. The company regularly achieves transaction values of more than US$100 million at each session, contributing significantly to overall annual sales.

Canton Fair organizers look forward to welcoming all attendees to the 118th installment of the event, kicking off on October 15, 2015. By taking advantage of features such as the “Brand Zone” and “i-Share”, leading exhibitors such as Galanz are sure to make it a success.

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