AlRahi to Parish Members in Ohio: Lebanese political system is demographic, so preserve your nationality to safeguard Lebanon’s balance and message

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bshara Butros al-Rahi, urged parish members in the American State of Ohio to “preserve their personal civil status records in Lebanon to the benefit of both their country and themselves, since the Lebanese system is based on demography.”

Al-Rahi’s words came following a Mass service he chaired at Saint Anthony of Padova’s Church.

“We are convinced more than any time in the past that we shall remain in this East, for we are entrusted with the roots of Christianity,” said al-Rahi.

The Patriarch urged parish members to “coordinate with Lebanese diplomatic missions and various dioceses and parishes, in a bid to preserve Lebanon and its Islamic-Christian balance so that it can continue to be a message to the Middle East.”

Source: National News Agency

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