ONE LEBANON, founded by Soprano Tania Kassis, has rocked the football pitch for the forth time in a friendly game at Notre Dame de Jamhour to share a symbolic moment of unity.

“Together we are Stronger: One Goal, One Audience, One Lebanon!”

Ambassadors and diplomats from the British, Italian, German, Australian, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, Algerian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Pakistan embassies played against the ONE LEBANON team consisting of Lebanese celebrities, businessmen and friends of ONE LEBANON like comedian Georges Khabbaz, Singers Anthony Touma and Marc Hatem, Basketball Champions Rony Fahed and Elie Rustom, Lebanese Champion Silvio Chiha and the President of the Lebanese Business person in the World Association (RDCL World) Dr. Fouad Zmokhol and many others public figures proving once again the power of sports in uniting people and breaking all barriers.

This game also featured a special participation of Lebanese international football player Roda Antar (that joined a German team for 2 seasons in 2001) who freshly retired from football few days ago.

Soprano Tania Kassis – Founder and President of ONE LEBANON – who will be participating in the Cedar Festival Opening concert this summer, opened the friendly game by stating in the opening speech: “The world is united today through the ambassadors of foreign countries to support Lebanon and they are at the same time challenging the Lebanese to be united and win! Whoever wins, Lebanon is a winner by being always unified!”

The ONE LEBANON team won 6-5 over the Ambassadors with 3 goals by basketball player Elie Rustom, 1 goal by singer Marc Hatem, 1 goal by Dr. Fouad Zmokhol and 1 goal by Nassib Madi.

The game was preceded by a touching performance of the song “Imagine” from the Beatles by students from the Tania Kassis Voice Academy.

Among the enthusiastic and vibrant supporters present at this Football Amity Game sponsored by BankMed, were many celebrities, ambassadors as well as the ONE LEBANON volunteers and committee members: Lina Moukheiber, Ziad Mikati, Philippe de Bustros and Mona Shour.

During the game, British Ambassador Hugo Shorter confessed to be “pleased to be part of this great initiative that is happening for the forth year. ‘One Lebanon’ NGO presents the real Lebanon that we would all like to see, promoting the power of coexistence and unity, and we are proud to be on their side”.

Following the game, many ambassadors have stated their support to ONE LEBANON on twitter:

Italian Ambassador Massimo Marotti: “All for One Lebanon”

Australian Ambassador Glenn Miles: “Great game, great message, wrong result! Proud to be part of One Lebanon vs. Ambassadors match but will suggest next time we play Australian rules”

Turkish Ambassador Cagatay Erciyes: “Ambassadors united for 1 Lebanon. 1 Lebanon united for tomorrow”.

Source: National News Agency

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