Kataeb Party Leader, MP Sami Gemayel, on Friday welcomed at the party’s headquarters in Saifi, Swiss Ambassadors to Lebanon, Monika Schmutz Kirgöz, Canadian Ambassador, Emmanuelle Lamoureux, and Norwegian Ambassador, Leni Stenseth.


In the wake of the meeting, the Canadian ambassador said on behalf of the three ambassadors that the meeting with Gemayel had featured high on the economic crisis in Lebanon and on the best means to remedy the situation.


“We carried out this visit in our capacity as diplomats representing three countries deeply concerned with the future of Lebanon and the prosperity of its people,” Lamoureux said, asserting identical views in various respects with her fellow diplomats.


She added that the meeting mainly touched on the economic and financial situation that Lebanon endured, and its pressing need for help in this framework. Lamoureux underscored the necessity of initiating the required reforms “immediately” by means of halting border smuggling, implementing reforms in the electricity sector, as well as other reforms that have become known and demanded by international parties to open the door before the promised aid to Lebanon to help it out of the current economic turmoil.


“The meeting has affirmed that Lebanon should not steer clear from the international community or from its historical friendship with the countries that support it, and that international resolutions 1559 and 1701 should be implemented — away from Hezbollah’s attempts to drag it to one of the region’s axes,” Lamoureux corroborated.


The meeting has also been an affirmation of the need to hold early parliamentary elections that could give birth to “a new political life in Lebanon”, given that any future solution to the Lebanese situation must be based on a comprehensive political solution that “takes into account the new reality established by the October 17 revolution,” Lamoureux added.


Source: National News Agency

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