An Economic Expert identifies a set of measures that constitute important stages in striking corruption

Baghdad  The Expert in economic affairs, Salam Sumaisem, stressed the need for the government to activate laws to eliminate corruption, indicating that the country needs deterrent government measures, precise political and economic will, and activation of a set of laws.”

Sumaisem said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that corruption has become an organized network that cannot be eliminated, but there is nothing impossible, provided that there are real efforts supported by political hands and a serious legal and economic network in eliminating corruption.

She pointed out that the application of some crucial provisions, which are precisely the enforcement of laws, will reduce corruption,” noting that a law to prevent multiple salaries is a major step against administrative corruption, and the issue of aliens and their follow-up is a very important issue, as well as unifying the salary scale and activating Automating the banking system and linking all state departments to a single system that clarifies how to receive a salary are all important issues for fighting corruption.

Sumaisem concluded by saying: “When we start with these steps, we will have completed important stages in striking the gates of corruption.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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