An Economic Specialist stresses the importance of investing the oil price difference to rebuild the infrastructure


Baghdad The Specialist in Economic Affairs, Durgham Muhammad Ali, stressed the need to invest in the rise in oil prices in the best way for the reconstruction of infrastructure.

Ali said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that “the revenue growth resulting from the increase in oil prices must be directed as an investment to rebuild the dilapidated infrastructure in the health, education, roads, bridges, electricity and water services.”

He added, “the reconstruction of the infrastructure must be in a well-planned and well-prepared manner, and not only on gifts, panic and campaigns.”

He pointed out that “the failure of the state in the reconstruction of the infrastructure resulted from severe corruption that society can no longer bear with the end of the life span of most public service facilities, stressing the need to establish an operations room for reconstruction supported by the highest levels of government with wide powers and tightly monitored to start real reconstruction of the country.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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