President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, expressed his sorrow for the death of diplomat, Salah Steitieh, in France, the country which embraced his ideas, and away from Lebanon who carried him to the world of La Francophonie, where the East and West converge.


“Steitieh has formed one of the most prominent aspects of the distinguished Lebanese leadership by its attachment to Lebanon as a homeland of convergence between diversity and difference. And at the same time, it has been open to the most recent poetry-speaking experiences of Francophonie, to the extent that a comprehensive intellectual reference has emerged and is considered the subject of numerous literary and academic studies, and its bid is crowned with massive prizes” President Aoun said.


“Throughout his long life, which neared a century, Steitieh remained a radiant image of Lebanon, bragging at the word which mated the fire with a flow of water, to rise to life to tender peaks, which have never stopped. Today, as he sighs away from his homeland and in light of a difficult and unique global situation, resulting from Corona virus outbreak, he is prevented from being honored in the manner befitting our icons. His presence remains bright, strong and effective as Lebanon, which is where he belongs. His thoughts will remain an influential asset for future generations” the President concluded.


President Aoun decided to grant late Steitieh the Grand National Order of Merit, the doctrine in appreciation of his intellectual bids and his diplomatic work in serving Lebanon, and assigned the Lebanese Ambassador to France, Rami Radwan, to represent him in Steitieh’s farewell, which will be held in Paris.


Minister Tarek Majzoub:


President Aoun met the Education Minister, Judge Tarek Majzoub, who was accompanied by the Directress of Guidance Department in the Education Ministry, Mrs. Hilda Khoury, today at the Presidential Palace.


The meeting tackled educational conditions, as well as the future of the academic year and final exams, in light of recent Cabinet decisions, in addition to health conditions accompanying the academic year after Corona outbreak, and its reflection on the Lebanese educational situation.


UNIFIL Commander:


The President met UNIFIL Commander, General Stefano Del Cole, and deliberated with him on recent developments, and the situation on Southern borders, in addition to the work of UNIFIL in coordination with the Lebanese Army to implement Resolution 1701.


Del Cole referred to recent discussions in the UN Security Council, concerning the future of UNIFIL forces and their entrusted tasks, as well as the work of Lebanese, UN and Israeli military tripartite committee, which meets periodically at UNIFIL headquarters, to tackle security developments.


For his side, President Aoun praised UNIFIL efforts in implementing Resolution 1701, reaffirming Lebanon’s commitment to the Resolution. The President then stressed the importance of coordination with the Lebanese Army to solve problems which occur from time to time between UNIFIL units and the towns and villages in which the international forces are deployed, stressing the need to stop the continuous Israeli violations of Lebanese, air and sea, sovereignty.


Head of Constitutional Council:


President Aoun met head of the Constitutional Council, Judge Tannous Meshleb.


Meshleb briefed the President on the progress of the Council’s work, in light of public mobilization, and actions required to be implemented. The meeting also touched on various judicial and constitutional matters which are currently the subject of debate.


MP Salim Aoun:


The President received MP, Salim Aoun, and deliberated with him current political developments, and the needs of Bekaa and Zahle regions.


MP Aoun said the he felt the President’s interest to give more importance to the Bekaa region during reform plan implementation, especially in terms of agricultural and industrial production.


Source: National News Agency

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