President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, praised the sacrifices made by Lebanese nurses while carrying out their humanitarian duties in difficult and delicate circumstances, especially after Corona outbreak and the Beirut Port explosion. The President saluted the souls of martyrs and wished fast recovery for the wounded, and considered that the nursing body is in the first line of defense for the lives and health of the Lebanese, especially in recent months, during which they have paid their lives for carrying out their noble humanitarian missions which exceed the duties imposed by their profession.


Positions of the President came while meeting the Head of Nurses Syndicate in Lebanon, Mrs. Mirna Abdullah Doumit, accompanied by a delegation which included Vice President, Mrs. Abir Alama, and the Director of the Syndicate, Mrs. Natali Richa, who discussed the difficult conditions in which nurses pass through during their work.


Mrs. Doumit considered that “What nurses have been doing for around a year has been classified as an exceptional effort. They have always been in the front rows and had great merit in confining infections in early stages”.


“As for the issue which deserves shedding the light on, is the heroic work that the nursing staff carried out during the Beirut Port explosion. Despite the fall of six martyrs, their colleagues came out from under the rubble and defied the difficult conditions, bypassing their wounds and evacuating the patients and saving the lives of the injured and newborns. Even the disaster prompted them to take care of the wounded in parking lots or on the roads, and this tremendous response saved many lives” Mrs. Doumit said.


The Head of the Nurses Syndicate also pointed out that “The nursing profession has been suffering for a long time in difficult and harsh working conditions and is getting worse day by day, which has led to an increase in the emigration of qualified people abroad in search of better working conditions. This challenge deserves the intervention of your Excellency and the championships that have been achieved deserve appreciation of your honor because that will lead to encouragement to those working in the profession in order to serve the nation”.


President’s Reply:


For his side, President Aoun responded and asserted the importance of the roles played by male and female nurses, considering that they deservedly deserve the love and appreciation of all the Lebanese for their bids that highlight the role of the “Angels of mercy” in all circumstances, pointing out that “Appreciating these individuals is a duty and gratitude”.


Source: National News Agency

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