Aoun says Lebanon’s fight against corruption an ongoing process

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, on Wednesday welcomed at Baabda Presidential Palace the newly appointed head of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, Professor Sharaf Abu Sharaf, accompanied by the newly elected members of the Order.

President Aoun said that fighting corruption is an ongoing process, calling on all Lebanese to “help the state and its judicial and supervisory institutions in what they’re doing to combat corruption and corrupt people.”

Aoun pointed out that “all files must be opened to achieve the desired reform and to respond to the wishes of people and their hopes in a state that preserves their rights and defend their interests.”

The President stressed that the Lebanese state must preserve its image, with a judiciary protecting citizens and applying the law on violators and criminals.

Referring to last Sunday’s Mount Lebanon incidents, the head of State stressed that everyone must shoulder his responsibility.

“Once the state budget draft law is approved, Lebanon will be on the right track,” Aoun corroborated, warning against rumor-makers who are deliberately attempting to damage Lebanon instead of enhancing its resilience amidst the current crises.

Aoun expressed optimism about “the ability to find appropriate solutions to the problems facing the march of the state.”

The Head of State stressed the paramount importance of the respect of the freedom of the other, difference of opinion and freedom of belief, as key pillars of the Republic.

On the other hand, Aoun welcomed at Baabda Palace, MP Farid Boustani, who handed him an invitation to attend a divine mass which will be held at Mar Maroun Monastery Majd Al-Maoush.

The mass will be officiated by Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi.

Aoun also met with a delegation of the “Independent Jurists’ Gathering” headed by former minister Bechara Merhej, who briefed him on the recommendations issued by the conference held in Beirut under the title “Fighting Corruption in the Republic of Lebanon”.

The issue of fighting corruption and the role of public and civil institutions in this regard featured high on their talks.

Source: National News Agency

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