Aoun: We avoided wars thanks to national solidarity that promotes stability

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, said on Thursday that Lebanon “avoided the spread of wars thanks to national solidarity, which enabled the Lebanese to maintain the unity of their homeland and protect it from surrounding turmoils.

President Aoun stressed that this unity strengthened stability and security in the country, which consequently attracted many international conferences and meetings, in addition to a growing tourism movement, especially from European and Gulf countries.

The President’s words came before a visiting delegation of La route du Liban”, headed by French Captain Jean-Marie Vidal, who is in Lebanon as part of a trip to the shores of the Mediterranean under the title of Supporting the freedom of religious groups in the Mediterranean and refusing attempts to persecute any of them, in the presence of Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Salim Jreissati, Director General of the Presidency, Dr. Antoine Choucair, and Ambassador Khalil Karam.

We know that this East is geographically close to us and we are only separated from it by the Mediterranean, yet at the same time, it is very far away, and there is much to learn about it,” said Captain Vidal. “Your country is an example of how groups live together, and we hope to follow your example in neighboring countries, he added.

In addition, the President held several meetings touching on judicial, educational, and developmental issues.

Aoun welcomed President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Jean Fahed, with whom he discussed the situation of the judiciary and the work of courts.

Discussions with President Aoun also touched on laying the corner stone for Baabda court building and the difficulties facing Jounieh court building,” Fahed said.

Separately, President Aoun received a delegation of the Association of Full-time Lebanese University Professors, headed by Chairman of the Association’s Executive Committee, Dr. Youssef Daher.

Among many concerns involving the future of the Lebanese University, Daher cited a series of demands that had already been discussed with the Minister of Education and approved.

President Aoun welcomed the delegation, stressing the importance of the Lebanese University for the entire nation. He also highlighted the university’s need for development, especially in light of the rapid scientific progress.

“The Lebanese University is different from other universities in Lebanon in terms of the number and quality of its students,” Aoun added, hoping that the university’s situation will improve with that of the nation’s economy.

Source: National News Agency

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