Araiji: Cultural decentralization one of Culture Ministry’s main goals

Culture Minister, Raymond Araiji, confirmed on Sunday that one of the Culture Ministry’s prime goals was to adopt cultural decentralization all across Lebanon.

“Cultural decentralization, outside the Lebanese capital of Beirut, is a core conviction and a prime goal of the Ministry of Culture because it gives birth to atmospheres that are good grounds for cultural production among all the different sectors, and allows creative thinking,” the Minister said during a tour in Ghalboun, Bcharri, and Byblos in honor of writers and artists.

The Minister seized the occasion to hail the productive cooperation within the field of culture among the residents of the aforementioned regions.

“The involvement of municipal councils in cultural productivity requires the refurbishment of the necessary infrastructure, which includes public libraries, theatres, cultural halls, as well as the activation of art and heritage festivals,” the Minister added.

Source: National News Agency

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