Areiji: Dialogue optimism maintains status quo in August

Culture Minister Raymond Areiji told “Voice of Lebanon” radio on Wednesday that the Lebanese political forces agreed on the need to endorse the budget, sum it up at the cabinet and refer it to the parliament, noting that if approving the budget at the parliament did not pass, “we will discuss the possibility of issuing a decree to endorse it at the cabinet.”

“The political forces shoulder a big responsibility in order to deal with the financial situation; thus, it is a need to overcome all disagreements and obstacles (…) as it is not possible for the country to stay without budget for ten years,” the MP said.

Areiji confirmed that dialogue is a national need; however, “the optimism percentage in dialogue in August is just regular based on previous experiences.”

The lawmaker pointed out that the file of electing a new president is not on the dialogue table, adding that this problem is due to foreign and interior complications.

Source: National News Agency

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