Aridi: Machnouk’s recent stance is misplaced, running for parliamentary elections is between me and Jumblatt

Deputy Ghazi Al-Aridi on Sunday criticized the latest stance launched by Minister of the Interior and Municipalities, Nohad Machnouk, regarding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, noting that “his position was misplaced by its timing and content…Saudi Arabia is known for its ongoing support for Lebanon and such position only weighs down on Lebanese-Saudi relations.”

Deputy Aridi reiterated, during an interview on Voice of Lebanon, that the parliamentary elections would be held right on time even if they were executed under the 60’s law. Concerning running for candidacy in parliamentary elections, the MP said the issue remained between him and PSP leader, Walid Jumblatt.

The Deputy described the municipal electoral alliances as “unrealistic and illogical” and these elections have reflected the political chaos that Lebanon was witnessing.

Commenting on the security situation in Lebanon, Aridi emphasized that the security apprehension was ever present and no one could guarantee any security act, so what was required was continuous coordination between all security apparatus.

He concluded that the US policy aimed at “stirring a Sunni – Shiite strife, only benefited Israel.”



Source: National News Agency

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