Ariji: Resignation of Kataeb ministers not useful at time being

Minister of Culture, Rony Ariji, said in a radio interview on Monday that the resignation of the ministers of Kataeb party is “not beneficial at the moment.”

The Minister called for activating the work of the Cabinet and not complicating things further. He noted that it was better to object from within the Cabinet than outside it.

Ariji revealed that the government was following up on the issue of US financial sanctions against Hezbollah, but was not requested to take any decisions about the matter.

“PM Tammam Salam, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, and Governor of Bank of Lebanon, Riyad Salameh, are dealing with this file with Hezbollah,” he noted, “we must work together to face this law so that we limit its effects as much as we can, cause the danger is upon us all.”

Source: National News Agency

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