Armenian parties mark 101 years since Armenian Genocide

The three Armenian parties, Tashnag, Hunchak and Ramgavar, held on Sunday a ceremony at Martyr’s Square to mark the 101 years commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, in presence of Bishop Shahe Panossian, Bishop George Asadorian, Energy Minister Arthur Nazarian, Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon, and a large number of prominent figures, as well as thousands of Armenians.

The spokeswoman in the name of the three Armenian parties, Tsoler Talatinian, confirmed that the Armenian people were still calling on Turkey to recognize the genocide, recompense, and achieve justice.

“As Turkey carries on its policy of denial, Azerbaijan, with the support of Turkey, continues to attack and seize, trying to move peaceful negotiation to the battlefield. It is still violating the truce of 1994, following the footsteps of its “big brother” Turkey,” she pointed out.

“This year also marks the centenary of famine caused by Turkey in Lebanon, which claimed the lives of a large number of people,” said Tsoler, adding that Turkey’s policy today drew the entire region into chaos.

“Armenian people will keep in their struggle until Turkey recognizes the historical reality, compensates, and restitutes their right,” she underscored.

The three parties also expressed their positions separately.

Source: National News Agency

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