Army Commander calls for “moving away from rumors aimed at creating a rift between citizens and the military institution”

Army Chief, General Joseph Aoun, called Sunday for staying away from rumors that only serve to create a wedge between citizens and the army, and aim at misleading the public opinion.

“History will show that the Lebanese army saved Lebanon,” he underlined.

Aoun’s words came as he inspected the military units deployed in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, in charge of maintaining security in wake of the ongoing popular movements in various areas.

The tour included army regiments in Sarba, Naccash, Roumieh, Ras Beirut, Baabda Presidential Palace Road and Fayadieh Barracks.

The Army Chief praised the efforts of the military units during these exceptional circumstances and the awareness they showed in dealing with the recent events, sparing the country any opportunity for trouble.

“The Army is working and acting in the manner it deems fit,” he stressed.

General Aoun commended the “level of professionalism, discipline, high morality and courage demonstrated by the army in carrying out all the tasks entrusted to it with honor, sacrifice and loyalty in the face of challenges at all costs.”

Addressing the military men, Aoun hailed their devotion and dedication to their oath in serving their country, and in proving that the military establishment is an umbrella for all citizens of the country, regardless of their orientations, affiliations or views. “You have preserved the rights of citizens, all citizens,” he emphasized.

“The army, like all armies, is trained to face enemies and dangers, while the Lebanese army is currently carrying out the task of maintaining security at home before its citizens and people,” the Army Chief went on, stressing that the army is “responsible for the security of demonstrators and other citizens.”

Aoun reiterated herein that road closures are not permissible acts, highlighting the fact that “freedom of movement is sacred in international conventions.”

Pointing to the recent arrests, the Army Commander indicated that “these arrests included individuals who worked to create chaos and riots, and confronted the army and tried to prevent it from carrying out his mission,” adding that “they also included non-Lebanese citizens and others found to be in possession of drugs.”

Aoun expressed his deep regret for the death of young Martyr Alaa Abu Fakhr. “The case is in the hands of the judiciary,” he said, noting that this incident was the only one to occur during a month of popular movements in Lebanon, whilst the situation is different in a number of countries that are experiencing similar events, where a large number of victims are falling. “This is what we are working to avoid,” he corroborated.

The Army General concluded by calling for “maintaining utmost degrees of readiness and awareness in the face of the challenges lurking ahead of our country.”

Source: National News Agency

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