Asia Plantation Capital Welcomes European Guests to its Latest Distillery and Factory in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Aug. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire — At its new, purpose-built distillery and factory in Johor, Malaysia, Asia Plantation Capital recently hosted plantation clients, along with asset and wealth managers from France, Germany and Switzerland. Opened in February 2015, the facility is due to be fully operational later this year, and will be the largest distillery and processing plant in Southeast Asia for the much sought after agarwood and its associated products.

Asia%20Plantation Asia Plantation Capital Welcomes European Guests to its Latest Distillery and Factory in Malaysia

Asia Plantation Capital’s Aquilaria tree nursery in Johor.

Demand for agarwood has been growing across the globe in recent years, whether in the form of aromatic oil (Oud), fragrant woodchips, or wood sculptures, and is now the most expensive forestry product (on a per kilogramme basis) in the market today. Significant illegal logging has taken place in the past to meet this ever-increasing demand, resulting in the severe depletion of the Aquilaria tree (the source of agarwood), to the point of near extinction.

Asia Plantation Capital is fully committed to ensuring the sustainability of the species, and this commitment has focused the company’s attention on the critical aspects of the cultivation and harvesting of the trees. Asia Plantation Capital has designed and established a number of programmes with sustainability and environmental awareness in mind, including CITES compliance (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), whereby all agarwood products that are shipped internationally are tracked to ensure that they are legally sourced. Other notable programmes include extensive research and development to maximise the yield of the tree so that no part of the harvest is wasted, as well as a commitment to replace every Aquilaria tree that is harvested with at least one other tree (usually more), to ensure the survival of the species. Asia Plantation Capital has played a vital role in the reintroduction of the species to various parts of Asia where the tree stocks were depleted, such as Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

“The tour with Asia Plantation Capital to the plantations, offices and boutiques was very informative,” said Ms Weiss, a client from Germany. “For me, showing the process from planting trees to distilling the oil and experiencing the perfume made from the oil was impressive, and I realised instantly that the aroma of the wood and the oil is remarkable.”

The visitors were full of praise for what they saw and experienced, many coming away with a more in-depth understanding of the processes required and the efforts undertaken by Asia Plantation Capital to deliver a sustainable product of the highest quality.

Steve%20Watts Asia Plantation Capital Welcomes European Guests to its Latest Distillery and Factory in Malaysia

Steve Watts, CEO Asia Pacific (second from right), pointing out the features of Asia Plantation Capital’s custom-designed agarwood distillery to visitors from Germany and Switzerland.

“My tour of Asia Plantation Capital’s operations from Northern to Eastern Thailand, to Johor and the Singapore head office, along with the outstanding Fragrance Du Bois boutique at the Fullerton hotel, was very agreeable,” said Dr Daniel Delevaux MD, the Republic of Madagascar’s Honorary Consul to Thailand since 1996. “It was a fruitful trip, and certainly enhanced my knowledge of Agarwood and Oud. I would like to thank Asia Plantation Capital’s very professional team for being so nice, and organising everything so perfectly.”

“At Asia Plantation Capital we are committed not only to producing agroforestry products of the highest natural quality,” said Mr Steve Watts, CEO Asia Pacific, Asia Plantation Capital. “We also ensure sustainability in these crops, and we work hard to promote environmental awareness. It’s important for us to know that everything we do works to the benefit of society as a whole. We are delighted to host visitors at our facilities across Asia, and take great pride in helping to educate interested parties about the extraordinary virtues of the Aquilaria tree that gives us agarwood. The whole process,” he concluded, “is to spread the message that sustainability is critical for the future of our world.”

The factory and distillery in Johor, Malaysia, is part of a US$50 million investment by Asia Plantation Capital to expand operations in the country over the next few years. The company is in the process of acquiring plantations, through both acquisitions and partnerships, to increase its footprint in Malaysia.  Also in the pipeline is the establishment of an Aquilaria nursery and research centre in Southern Malaysia, in conjunction with several leading agarwood academics, along with the company’s own scientific research board.

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About Asia Plantation Capital

Quick facts:

  • US$ 600 million – combined value of assets owned and under management
  • US$ 53.5 million – turnover in the last financial year

Asia Plantation Capital is the owner and operator of a diverse range of commercial plantation and farming businesses across the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, and is part of the Asia Plantation Capital Group of associated companies. Its focus is on multicultural and diverse plantation projects geared to the domestic and commercial demands of the countries in which it operates. Working closely with, and supporting local communities, is an underlying core principle of the Asia Plantation Capital business, providing social and cultural support, as well as investment, to move these communities away from deforestation and illegal logging activities, previously seen as a main source of income in some regions of Asia. Established officially in 2008 (although operating privately since 2002) the group now has plantation and agricultural projects on four continents, with operational projects at various stages in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Laos, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, North America and Europe.

Fragrance%20Du%20Bois Asia Plantation Capital Welcomes European Guests to its Latest Distillery and Factory in Malaysia

Visitors at Fragrance Du Bois’ Singapore flagship boutique at the iconic Fullerton Hotel.

Promoting the use of sustainable and certified wood is the best way of preventing deforestation, protecting biodiversity, and combatting poverty in the tropical rainforest regions. For the yachting sector (a major user of teak) which strives for excellence and which is already involved in environmental efforts, this is also a way of ensuring that no wood from illegal logging is used.

About Fragrance Du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois is a niche luxury perfume house working closely with sustainable plantations in Asia, bringing exciting new 100% organic Oud oil based fragrances to exclusive markets worldwide. Sustainably sourcing the finest raw materials across the globe, working with French perfumers to create a full range of products, and also providing bespoke fragrance services, Fragrance Du Bois is personal luxury with a conscience. With exclusive fragrance lounges around the world, in Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Fragrance Du Bois creates only the finest experience in bespoke perfumery.

Fragrance Du Bois is known as Parfums Du Bois in France and in non-French speaking markets, as Fragrance Du Bois.

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